• Foundry Equipment

    The North of England stockists for Morganite Crucible Ltd

Engineering & Foundry Supplies offer a one-stop shop for all your Foundry Equipment including Crucibles, Morganite Crucible, Ladles and Bellows. We are the North of England stockists for Morganite Crucible Ltd of Worcester and stock all sizes and shapes of crucibles and accessories suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries. Our foundry equipment supplies also include furnaces and spares, furnace linings etc.

Below is a list of foundry equipment items we stock:

  • Heavy duty foundry barrows solid & pneumatic tyres single and twin wheels, coke forks and riddles / sieves – various mesh sizes.
  • Moulder’s tools, watering cans, dry brushes, wet brushes, camel hair brushes, bellows moulder’s trowels and cleaners.
  • Various types of diecasting pliers and tongs, wire brushes etc.
  • Steel ladles welded and forged plus bowls only, stock graphite ladles, plungers, moulder’s studs single and double, chaplets, skimming ladles, annealed core wire of various thicknesses.
  • Ceramic fibre riser sleeves various diameters, ceramic fibre blanket – various thicknesses and densities, ceramic fibre mouldable and adhesive.
  • Various types of sand used in foundries, red sand, oil bonded sand, fine silica sand. Cements and mouldable refractory materials used for furnaces.
  • Various fluxes for use as additives to molten metals.
  • A wide range of foundry products like Coal Dust, Plumbago, Bentonite etc.
  • Core glue, ganister, mould coatings, firebricks, Albo bobbing grease, core vent in nylon, various coating materials doe dies.
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